Fence Types


High Tensile Wire
– High tensile wire is an effective, dependable, and low cost fencing solution. We use 12.5 Gauge wire. It is great for fencing in large areas and provides the luxury of ratchets which are used to keep the wires tight. Best used for horses, cattle, sheep, and exotic animals.

Coated High Tensile Wire – Coated high tensile wire is the most cost effective horse safe wire available. It is basically high tensile poly coated wire, with a diameter of about 3/8”. It can also be electrified. Best used for horses.

Woven Wire
– Woven wire is the most reliable confinement fence for livestock. It is also great for property boundaries. So, rather using it for livestock or property lines, it is still fairly low-maintenance. Best used for all purpose.

Barbed Wire – Barbed wire has been around for over a century and was one of the first fencing methods. It is best used in areas where electricity is unavailable. Its sharp barbs make it so animals can’t lean or stick their head between wires. Best used for horses, cattle, sheep, and exotic animals.

ates – We have many different sizes of gates available. They’re built from high quality steel and will last many years.


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